Again I was quite silent on my blog due to a few maintenance tasks. This time it was because I was transcribing audio for all of the videos that I’ve released. Not exactly a fast or fun chore, it was in fact quite tedious to do. However, all complete transcripts for my videos are now available on my website for anyone…

Website Update

The past week I was a bit quiet on my blog as I was updating several pages and creating a few new ones. I also took the opportunity to do some much-needed theme maintenance.

The following pages were added/updated by me:

  1. Site Terms and Conditions of Use:
    Small text changes and moved the Blog Terms and Conditions of Use to its own page.
  2. Blog Terms and Conditions of Use:
    Small text changes and now available on its own page.
  3. Privacy Policy:
    Small text changes
  4. Cookies:
    New page with cookie information.
  5. Terminology:
    New page listing terms used on this website and their meaning.
  6. YouTube Rules:
    New page containing rules used by me on my YouTube channel.

Please note that you accept the Site Terms and Conditions of UseBlog Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy for this website by using it. They are very standard but if you’re not familiar with the type of rules, requirements, and disclaimers listed in them I recommend that you at least have a gander.

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New Template

Today I enabled the new Real Sceptic template which is a complete rewrite of the earlier version. The new template resolves issues with browsers, devices and WordPress itself. It also adds some new functionality the old template didn’t have, such as moderator comments. Please note though that this template isn’t complete, many of the new features and performance enhancements aren’t…

12 Hours Of SkepticTV For Charity

This saturday, starting at 19:00 GMT, SkepticTV will be doing a special 12 hour show to raise funds for the Secular Students Alliance (SSA):

The mission of the Secular Student Alliance is to organize, unite, educate, and serve students and student communities that promote the ideals of scientific and critical inquiry, democracy, secularism, and human-based ethics. We envision a future in which nontheistic students are respected voices in public discourse and vital partners in the secular movement’s charge against irrationality and dogma.

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The Feed Issues Have Been Resolved

The issues on the feedburner servers have been resolved. The new feeds will become available in a few moments at the following locations: If you are viewing the site via the old Virere feeds please note that those feeds will cease to exist in a couple of days. So please update to the above mentioned feeds if you…

Domain And RSS Changes

Currently I’ve been working behind the scenes to revamp this website. Most of it isn’t noticeable for visitors, but one of the changes that some might have seen was the restructuring of categories and tags used on this website. The next, and almost final step, in this process is that the domain name and the feed location will change. This website will…

Virere is Moving

Due to time constraints I won’t be able to continue my separate blog Virere which covers environmental news and lifestyle changes to make your life greener. As this subject, and the time I had for this, has been transferred to this blog and my YouTube channel. Currently I’m in the process of transferring all the content that’s posted on Virere…