The goal of Real Skeptic is to look at claims about science and investigate what the scientific literature has to say about it. Since the official start of Real Sceptic a wide array of articles about skepticism were written for this website. There’s a heavy emphasis on the accuracy of the articles published and the usage of high quality sources.

Skepticism doesn’t start with the viewpoints and claims of others, and being skeptical about those does not make you a skeptic. Being a skeptic starts with examining your own viewpoints, the positions you hold, and the claims you make.

The community

The content we create wouldn’t be possible without the help of our fellow skeptics, science communicators, and experts who assist us. Over the years they’ve been kind enough to provide their insights, their expertise, and often were kind enough to create content for Real Skeptic.

You too can join this community by writing articles or by joining discussions on Real Skeptic. We love to hear from you and see the contributions from fellow skeptics.


Real Skeptic is run at personal expense, the only funding being YouTube video advertisements, website advertisements, Patreon pledges, and PayPal donations. It’s thanks to the support of our community that Real Skeptic can exist.