Community and Discussion Guidelines

Constructive and on-topic comments that move the discussion forward are always welcome, no matter what line of argumentation they take. To ensure that this is the case there are several rules we enforce on our website. Every participant on this website is held to these rules; there are no exceptions.

The guidelines for commenting on Real Sceptic are:

  1. Treat all posters, commentators, and readers and other parties with respect and refrain from personal insults and ad hominem attacks. Which means you need to be civil and play the ball not the man.
  2. Comments that are racists, derogatory or disrespectful towards a person or a group based on for example religion, sexual orientation or race will not be allowed.
  3. Your comment should be relevant to the content you’re responding to.
  4. When making any claim provide references (links if possible). Failure to do so can result in the comment not going through moderation.
  5. Ignoring provided references or resources can be grounds for your comment not going through moderation.
  6. Respect people’s privacy and anonymity. If an individual refuses to reveal personal details, respect that.
  7. When asked to clarify an argument or point please respond; this isn’t optional.
  8. Claims that are factually incorrect have a high risk of being removed.
  9. Any comments that are deemed (self-)promotion or spam won’t be allowed.
  10. Discussing moderation in the comment section isn’t allowed. If there’s a complaint please use the contact form.

If you follow these rules you should not experience any problems when commenting on this website.

These community and discussion guidelines are a more accessible version of the rules stated in our Site Terms and Conditions of Use.