About Collin Maessen

Real Skeptic is run and maintained by Collin Maesssen who is a long time advocate of sound environmental policies, renewable energy, and scientific skepticism. He studied Software Engineering and works as a programmer for a Dutch firm. As such he is not a scientist and doesn’t publish research on the subjects covered by him. However his articles and YouTube videos cite the most up to date and best research as possible from the scientific literature. Where necessary he consults scientists and experts on the subjects he covers.

His interest in covering scientific subjects, and countering pseudo-science, comes from his search to better understand the disease he has: X-ALD. The cause of this disease is a genetic mutation which can have severe neurological consequences. His search for a higher quality of life led to him reading the scientific literature on the subject. This combined with his sheer practical experience in dealing with the consequences caused him to be recruited as a volunteer for the Dutch patient support group NVACP. He’s also active in the Dutch X-ALD support group, which has strong ties to the Dutch medical research community. Currently he is still available as a volunteer, and visits the meetings when possible, but due to time constraints he isn’t as active any more. Nowadays his time is taken up by his work for Skeptical Science, and of course this creating content for Real Skeptic and his YouTube channel.

His other major interests, and the subject of most of his videos and articles, are the environment, climate change and the politics surrounding it. This started as a hobby in 1994 with simple meteorological measurements and observations. Which over the years led to him to reading the scientific literature, and many other sources, on the subjects of Anthropic Global Warming (climatology) and related palaeoclimatology subjects.

Collin Maessen volunteers time for Skeptical Science, but has no affiliations with other organizations or political groups.