Communication Resources

Skepticism is an incredible tool that can help you understand the world. It can truly make appreciate the hard work and dedication scientists put into their work. Skeptics are often the greatest allies of scientists as we help spread scientific knowledge and counter pseudoscience. The skeptic community has a proud tradition of working together with scientists to weed out bad science and translate what scientists and experts say into accessible information.

But being a skeptic isn’t easy. You’ll need tools and information to help recognize false information, you’ll need to learn how to communicate scientific information, learn the psychology behind science denial, and learn how to think critically. Without all this you can become a victim of your own biases or by not recognizing incorrect information.

We at Real Skeptic have collected resources that help you gain the necessary knowledge and learn the skills you’ll need as a skeptic. All the courses and books listed here are high quality and free to read or take part in.