CSE Get False DMCA Happy!

Well surprise surprise, creationist abuse the DMCA to silence their critics.  And it’s the brainiacs at CSE, thats Hovind Jnr and cronies, that have been out doing it.  Now I don’t know exactly how many they’ve hit but SkepticTV has heard of 3 smaller you tube channels in the past week that have been hit with false DMCA’s.  The first of them being our own BluJugganaut, he had two or three taken down, all critiques containing short clips from various episodes of Creation Today, all within fair use for commentary and the like so all falsely DMCAed.

Blu shrugs this off, he’s at uni and the counter notice is a chore whilst he’s not got regular internet access and uni work to do.  I know other people might have encouraged him to press the counter notice but it’s his call.  So anyway, press on a few days and I get a

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