Stop Playing Adele!

I was working at the Cornish Maize Maze about a week ago. I got there for a summer job in order to earn myself a little extra money. The person in charge of the daily running of the maze also decides what goes on the radio that plays in the cafe, and because it is a Cornish Maze she plays Pirate FM because it is the local station. So when I’m working nearer to the cafe I have to put up with listening to the radio, which shouldn’t be much of a problem because, as you probably know by now, I’m a great fan of music.

However, after listening to the radio for 6-7 hours each working day, I have realised something. Yes, the radio plays music, but always the same music, by the same artists, in the same genre. If I were to summarise the regular playlist, it would go something like this:
Adele – Rihanna – JLS – Adele – Lady Gaga – Rihanna – Adele – JLS – Lady Gaga – Rihanna

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