The Daily Show Versus

The Daily Show with Jon StewartI like the Daily Show. They combine good humour with a lot of facts that helps explain why some people are the target of their satire and jokes. what scores them even more points in my book is that they go after everyone with the same amount of gusto; no matter what your affiliations are.

This is something that makes a lot of people not like them, especially those that become the target of one of their segments. But every time the Daily Show touches on subjects I’m familiar with I’ve seen them criticise someone who deserves it. They are truly a breath of fresh air among what counts as journalism these days. It’s just a shame that it’s a comedy show that is this breath of fresh air.

Of course the climate change deniers using the cold weather to cast doubt became a segment on The Daily Show:

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Fox News Defends Its False Balance With Climate Science Denial

fox-news-logoYou can trust on Fox News for misrepresenting climate science or the science behind environmental issues in general. They are one of the media outlets that are burdened with most of the blame on misinforming the U.S. public on these matters. What they say almost always has no bearing whatsoever on what is in the scientific literature.

Often the misinformation they spread is in the form of what is called false balance. This is the balancing of one position with another so that they don’t seem to be biased towards one particular position. And yes this is a deliberate tactic by them to sow confusion on global warming.

Yesterday Fox news defended this false balance in a severely flawed opinion piece (archived here) that contains some good examples of the misinformation they spread. I’ll dive into the more egregious parts of this opinion piece by Marlos Lewis:

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The Lorax

dr. seuss the lorax

For me Dr. Seuss wasn’t a big part of my childhood. Not that strange considering I grew up in The Netherlands and English is a foreign language for us. Which means that his materials aren’t as widely spread here as they are in the United States.

You do come across Dutch translations of his books and of course the odd movie from the United States. But that’s just noise compared to Dik Trom, Puk van de Petteflet or Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek. Now those are big and recognizable parts of my childhood (yeah I’m old, shush).

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Seasons Greetings

It has been a busy month, with for example organizing the 12 hour fundraiser show for the Secular Students Alliance. And now handling all the traffic I got from the shout-out from TheLivingDinosaur. Not to mention a very busy month at work. It was fun, but a bit draining. So I’m going to celebrate the holidays with my family and…

The Biggest Hoax Since The Moon Landing

I almost didn’t catch it in this compilation, but Greg Gutfeld from Fox News actually says the following:

Isn’t green jobs the biggest hoax since the moon landing? [@1:38]

Seriously? How can you even have a normal discussion with these folks at Fox News? It’s blindfolds on, push your own agenda and shout the most inane claims and nonsense to further it.

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Make Your Voice Heard During The Fox News Republican Debate

On September 22, the Republican candidates will meet in Orlando, Florida for the Fox News/Google Debate, and they’ll be answering questions that you ask.

This is a perfect moment to ask your politicians why they deny the science of climate change or why they are so opposed to protecting the environment in general. Submit your question now in video or text and vote on other questions you’d like to hear asked.

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Colbert Mocks Limbaugh, Carlson, Doocy Over Their Global Warming Denials

On the show The Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert mocked Rush Limbaugh for claiming that the heat index is a government conspiracy, joking: The heat index is just more big government numbers telling you how hot to feel — just like their time index tells you how sleepy to feel. He also mocked Fox & Friends co-hosts Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson for claiming…

SpongeBob SquarePants Climate Change Controversy

I didn’t believe it when I first heard it, and I am still amazed that they devoted a section about this on Fox & Friends, but according to them Spongebob Squarepants is indoctrinating your children and just telling one side of the global warming controversy:

Fox and Friends on the Sponge Bob Conspiracy

If you didn’t catch it, this is what they Steve Doocey said:

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A New Little Ice Age

Apparently people have found something new and interesting to use as evidence against global warming, albeit a bit different than a cold winter. This time it’s a potential drop in solar activity that will counteract all the warming we have seen. And will very likely, according to them, put us in a new little ice age.

It is true that during a meeting of the Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomical Society an announcement was made that the sun might enter an extended period of low activity. A period similar to the Maunder minimum, which is also known as the Little Ice Age.

During the maunder minimum temperatures were lower than normal, predominantly in the northern hemisphere and most noticeable lower during the winter. And the lower solar-activity at the time has long been suspected as one of the major causes of this. Although other factors, like strong volcanic eruptions, played a role in lowering temperatures.

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