What About God?

What about him you might ask. A 7 part documentary made by PBS NOVA called Evolution tries to answer this question in the very last part. Among others famous creationist Ken Ham gets to spout his usual dishonesty and ignorance:
Ham: “So what do you say when they tell you it was millions of years ago? Huh? Were you there?”
This famous tactic has been used by our good friend the Arc builder many times. PZ Myers explains to a little girl why this is a very dishonest question.

The primary topic is of course the teaching of Evolution in school and how people of faith deal with it. You’ll hear students, teachers and parents talk about the subject. We discuss these things regularly via youtube comments and good intentions turn into ridicule sooner rather than later. I think the struggle religious people go through is unimaginable for an atheist from birth like me. It shows how strong religious indoctrination actually is. “Evolution is from Satan himself“, “you’ll die unhappy when you want to proof we came from monkeys” are just some of the (non verbatim) quotes I remember well from this documentary.

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