The Label It Yourself Campaign

label-it-yourselfAs my regular readers will know I try to keep tabs on what is happening on social media in regards to climate change and global warming. Sometimes because of that I (eventually) notice other odd things that are doing the rounds on social media.

This time it was a Tumblr post talking about the Label It Yourself Campaign that my Facebook friends were sharing. If you’re wondering what the Label It Yourself Campaign is the original tumblr post explains it well enough:

The Label It Yourself (#LIY) campaign is a decentralized, autonomous grassroots campaign born out of our broken food system. We have been asking our government to label food products so we can make educated decisions about what we eat. The government has ignored our requests and so we are taking matters into our own hands.

Get your labels at or create our own!

I’m utterly against what they are trying to do with this campaign. Not because I think they aren’t allowed to know what is or isn’t genetically modified, but because of how they’re attempting to get this information to the consumers.

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