The Ideological Armour Of ‘Climate Sceptics’


Armour by Kamal Aboul-Hosn

Trying to engage ‘climate sceptics’, or so-called sceptics as I prefer to call them, in a fact based discussion is often quite frustrating. Not because you might not convince them to your own position, but because simple basic facts are dismissed. This prevents you from having a factual discussion on how we might want to react towards the changes we are causing in our planet’s climate.

A good example of this was my recent interaction with Bob Tisdale about his interpretation on a passage from a KNMI document:

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When in Rome…


I don’t know about the rest of you but I love going and visiting other countries and finding a bit about their history, culture and traditions.  Especially traditions that have been around for hundreds of years, like the Italian tradition of taking Scientists to court.  This noble tradition began with Galileo Galilei when he dared to suggest that actually the sun might be at the centre of the solar system and the earth orbits it.  Thankfully this knave and blaggard was ultimately convicted and put under house arrest till he died……

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