Judith Curry: What Is Skepticism, Anyway?

judith curryFor a while now I’ve been really busy with different projects so it took me some time to finally respond to Judith Curry’s blog post. She wrote a response to my Skeptical Science article The Skepticism In Skeptical Science that I published in June of last year.

I wrote that Skeptical Science article as there’s a significant group of science deniers that present themselves as sceptics; which they aren’t. Basically, what they do is take advantage of the different meanings and connotations surrounding the words “sceptic” and “scepticism.”

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Congratulations to TWL!

So a short while ago, just before my laptop gave out, TWL did a fundraiser for Atheists Helping the Homeless.  In the mammoth 12 hours of the show (I wonder where they got that idea from 😉 ) they managed to raise a little over $2000 for this excellent cause.  If you missed the main event and want to donate…