Perry Doubts Manmade Global Warming

I already talked about the day of prayer governor Rick Perry took part in. And my amazement at the type of people that were attracted to the event and he associated himself with. The hint for me came that something wasn’t quite right about this association was when Vonette Bright said she wants to see the 10 Commandments and prayer in school.

So when at the Politics and Eggs breakfast in Bedford, NH, Jim Rubens noted that the National Academy of Sciences, which has advised presidents since its founding by Abraham Lincoln, has concluded that global warming is caused primarily by fossil fuels. And he subsequently asked “If observed scientific data and the National Academy of Sciences are both wrong on an issue involving thousands of scientists, and an issue as prominent as global warming, doesn’t this call into question the entire science discovery process that forms the foundation of a hundred years of America’s technological preeminence?”

The answer from Perry stunned me:

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Monckton: Bringing the Crazy to Kiwi Land

One of the world’s most prominent, and controversial, climate change skeptics, has been in New Zealand this week. Lord Christopher Monckton, the 3rd Viscount of Brenchley, is here as part of a world lecture tour promoting climate change denial. Reporter Benedict Collins met Christopher Monckton in Auckland, and while the Viscount might not believe in global warming, it didn’t take…

This Is Not Cool

From the so called sceptics you constantly hear that warming either has stopped, that they predict a cooling or that the planet already is cooling. Like with their reporting on the potential drop in solar activity that, according to them, will counteract all the warming we have seen. And will very likely put us in a new little ice age. Which was…

What The Ice Cores Tell Us, And How Deniers Distort It

“Sceptics” often cite ice core data to make a point along the lines that current warming isn’t a problem and is within normal climate variability. And often they cite research papers and data to prove this point. However almost every single time they display temperature records out of context, and more often than not come to entirely different conclusions than…

Becoming active on YouTube

I’ve always been a casual user of YouTube, who isn’t with all the videos that are hosted on YouTube. However not to long ago I was introduced to the video’s made by Peter Sinclair who publishes video’s under the username Greenman3160. He has superb video’s debunking claims from climate change denialists.

His video’s are the reason I signed up for a user account on youtube so that I could subscribe to his channel. And from the suggestions YouTube gave on his channel I started subscribing to other channels.

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