Women That Need To Get Back In The Kitchen (And Make Me Some Pie!)

{Note: I started working on this blog post when I was on a borrowed laptop as mine wasn’t turning on, it wa abandond due to keyboard issues on the loaned laptop.  The post below is a combination of what I wrote then, some edits to it and what I’m writing now.}

So the train wreck that is thunderf00ts decent into misogyny is on going, it started with this tweet about a video (I’ll go on in some depth with this in a bit, oh don’t you worry) and then continued with him telling PZMyers to watch the video, which lead to the following replies: 1, 2 and 3.  So what is it about is video?  Well the woman in it talks about what she refers to as the tyranny of female hypo agency, I’ll put the video below but be warned…..it’s long and its very clear that she’s reading from a script, and she’s fairly monotone!

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Time For Some Peer Review!

So then boys and girls, it’s time to get down to something new and interesting, thats right, BRING ON THE PEER REVIEW BAY-BEH!  Sadly though it’s not the peer review of some science (I bet you were all hoping that I’d get geek with some rocks), instead it’s the review of something interesting thats gone on recently on the blogsphere.  Specifically someones collected some ‘data’ and are busy making graphs of it when really they should be ensuring that what they have is reliable and accurate and that their sampling hasn’t been biased…..  So what am I on about? Why thunderfoots latest blog post of course, original can be found here.

Ok, a quick re-cap for those that have been as clueless as I normally am when this sort of thing kicks off.  It was blogged here (with follow up here) that DJ Grothe had announced that he’d never heard about sexual harrasement taking place at TAM, dispite a number of women reporting it.  As you can imagine there was then a bit of a purturbation in the fecal matter field about this on the internet!  The next thing that I’m aware of is this vid on youtube by Stealth Badger, be warned….Badger is on full form in this 😉 :

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Something Of Interest

So in my new found rememberence of the joy of sharing stuff with you lot here’s something I’ve just started watching on youtube.  It’s a talk from PZ Myers at the ‘Imagine No Religion’ Conference.  It’s been uploaded to youtube and it’s quite awsome and PZ has had a great analogy between religion and a tape worm!!!  Anyway, here it…

What About God?

What about him you might ask. A 7 part documentary made by PBS NOVA called Evolution tries to answer this question in the very last part. Among others famous creationist Ken Ham gets to spout his usual dishonesty and ignorance:
Ham: “So what do you say when they tell you it was millions of years ago? Huh? Were you there?”
This famous tactic has been used by our good friend the Arc builder many times. PZ Myers explains to a little girl why this is a very dishonest question.

The primary topic is of course the teaching of Evolution in school and how people of faith deal with it. You’ll hear students, teachers and parents talk about the subject. We discuss these things regularly via youtube comments and good intentions turn into ridicule sooner rather than later. I think the struggle religious people go through is unimaginable for an atheist from birth like me. It shows how strong religious indoctrination actually is. “Evolution is from Satan himself“, “you’ll die unhappy when you want to proof we came from monkeys” are just some of the (non verbatim) quotes I remember well from this documentary.

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Things that make Wombles’ Angry…

Ok, I’m coming to this one a little late.  It’s something Bair got me on to a while ago but I’m only just following up now.  It started with a link to PZ Myers blog Pharyngula and it all snowballed (or should that be Wombled?) from there.

Everyone thats seen a creationist in action knows how slimey and duplicitous they can be, some are inept and don’t do it with finesse (think Nephy here) and others are dangerously slick and smooth (but it’s clear to those watching).  This story starts with the Geological Society of Americas conference, one of the things us Geologists like to do at such gatherings is to go and find some hapless field locations to molest (and some pub action too).  It turns out that one of the trips that was organised was put together by some well known American creationists…..

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Waterworks4u and Peter Goodgold An example of snake oil

An Introduction:

I am a youtube user known as Answers in books. I have posted this written post on science of reason because it would seem any attempt to criticize or even mention the company waterworks4u elsewhere is targeted by parties keen on censoring me. I am
eager for my voice to be heard for anyone looking to get a water ionizer be it from waterworks4u, Kangen water, Water for Life,Tyent, Alkalux, IonQuench, Chanson, Watershed, Jupiter, Alkazone, Enagic, Alkalife or any of the other companies selling these machines needs to understand the world they are venturing into. I thank SkepticTV for this opportunity and hasten to point out that science of reason have nothing to do with my written content presented here. Should any of the named parties have issue with this article then they should be clear that I am the lone person responsible for it.

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