A Look Into Our Climate: Past To Present To Future

Almost everyone who follows the climate change ‘debate’ has heard of Michael Mann, and if not would have in the very least heard about the “hockey stick graph” he produced.

This graph is the result of extensive research about temperature trends over the last thousand years, and shows that the current warming is unprecedented for at least the past thousand years. It was, and still is, heavily criticized by opponents. Although over the years other teams have confirmed that this graph is correct and have even extended our knowledge about how unprecedented current temperature trends are.

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Sarah Palin

When I was skimming through my RSS feeds I came across an item where Sarah Palin was again pushing drilling for oil to solve the energy dependency problems of the U.S. A return to the “Dril, baby, drill” agenda she has been pushing since the last presidential election campaign. Anyone with access to a search engine can easily figure out…