Monopoly on Morality

Why Are You a Good Person?

I made this video because in a discussion with some theists in the past, I almost always hear, “If I didn’t believe in God, I would have no reason to be a good person. I would be out raping women and killing babies” or something along those lines.
Personally, I don’t believe anyone who says this. It is obvious that they are just trying to make a point, but it still brings up something that pisses me off and that is this notion that only the religious have any kind of moral compass.

For starters, only two of the commandments are actually seen as a legal problem, and the rest of them (besides the first four which are basically “I am God, if you believe in someone else, then fuck you”) are basically just slightly looked down on or not even that bad such as in wanting something your neighbor has.

As for those two commandments which are ACTUALLY laws (don’t murder and don’t steal) those laws could have easily have been thought of without the intervention of a “god.” In order for a society to get ahead, there must be a certain level of communal cohesion; killing each other and stealing from one another are detrimental to that cohesion so it makes sense that we as a species make laws that try to discourage the act of murder and theft.

It’s incredibly stupid to think that someone who believes in God is somehow morally superior, especially since we as a species could have reached these conclusions on morality by ourselves very easily.