Announcing the Schedule for the 12 Hour Show and How to Ask Questions!

So ladies and gentlemen with little over 24 hours to go I’m pleased to be able to announce the schedule!  We’ve been waiting on the confirmation of some details and guests, there is one minor detail we’re waiting to pin down but aside from that the schedule is set and you can find it below!

Times will be on a 24 hour clock, the UK time first then EST followed by details of who is leading that hour.

19:00/14:00 – The show starts with the SkepticTV crew doing 2 hours of news, interviews and our usual banter.

21:00/16:00 – AlmightyAtheismo is taking the lead for us with the Jinn and Tonic Show featuring Hassan, TheRationalizer and Klingschor to discuss islam.

22:00/17:00 – Isnogod will lead a Q&A session with DPRjones and Oliver Scott.

23:00/18:00 – TheKitch2 is leading the boys from Trolling With Logic featuring zulufighterrunner, BigLundi, Admiralcasey18 and Emptywithoutbrain and special guests Joe Zamecki and Damon Fowler and they will be talking about various things, including the need for the Secular Students Alliance.

00:00/19:00 – AnswersInBooks will deploy his dulcet tones as he hosts the delectable TheBardLover108 and AbbyNormal0ne as they discuss the influence of religion on society.

01:00/20:00 – We are inflicting Tylzen on DLandonCole as they discuss the scientific method and social sciences.

02:00/21:00 – Yoshemo will mario cart his way around with TheTruePooka as they tackle ‘resolving DRPjones’ and then god and the justice system.

03:00/22:00 – Womble will be returning to her League of Reason roots as she is joined by the boys from the new and reformed League of Reason Show!

04:00/23:00 – CSBair and Dutchliam84 will hold back the tide of fans as PZ Myers joins the show to discuss ‘unanswerable’ questions!!

05:00/00:00  –  SoundofScilence and the dino-rific c0nc0rdance will tackle intelligent design creationis.

06:00/01:00 – Womble will be doing selected readings from ‘The New Creationism’.

06:45/01:45 – SkepticTV and any guests that have survived will wrap up the show.

So there you have it, I will warn you now that my voice currently isn’t in tiptop condition but here’s hoping that it holds out till the end of the show!

The next important thing is how you can go about asking a question of the panel that are on at the time.  You can try and send a message through the normal route via adding skeptictv to your skype, however failing that (as our tech guy will be working his socks off) you can also post a question via @skeptictv on twitter, contact any of the mods in the chat or you can post a question in advance on this thread.  If it’s a general question for the panel then just ask away, if it’s directed towards a particular guest then make sure you include that!

Anyway, I hope you are all as excited about this as we are and we’ll see you tomorrow at 7pm GMT and 2pm EST!