A Very Quick Thank You!

So dispite having a very late one I have to be up and around in the daylight hours, although right now higher thinking is not quite where my brain is at!  A full thank you post will be written up in the next few days, but I thought I’d quickly say a massive THANK YOU to everyone now.  So far we’ve raised $1150, thats not counting direct donations or those via paypal.  So when we do our full thank you we’ll have a clearer idea of how much we’ve got.  Anyway I’ve gotta dash, there’s the link to firstgiving if you think you can spare some money and couldn’t make the show, remember the SSA is a VERY worthwhile charity and they will make good use of your money, even if you can only spare $1.

Thanks again, you rock harder than Lewisian Gneiss!!


(Who is still very tired but raring to go!)