There are some things in life that no one likes to have to deal with at any time of the year, let alone a time of year like this, i.e one that is supposed to be family focused.  I’m not going to name any names in the blog post but it is in responce to the recent news on youtube about a very popular member of the ‘atheist community’ having lost one of their younger family members to cancer.  Yes, I know that you can easily work out who’s family this is but I’d like to respect their privacy a little as they grieve, this is my English sense of propriety kicking in a little.

This blog post has two purposes though, and the first one is simple enough.  I know I am not the only member of SkepticTV to have small people running around in the family and we all know that said small people are some of the most precious things that we can have in life.  We know how much having them in our lives enriches them, and dispite the fact we might have to routinely run the roulette of ‘will they pass on their shiny new infection to me’ we wouldn’t change them for the world.  So we would like to express our condolences to this family and hope that they can find comfort and solace as they support each other.

The second purpose is also a simple one.  In the description of the video there is a list of people that the video’s author would like to thank, on that list is the Make A Wish Foundation, as well as the Hospital that provided the medical treatment.  Now as you can see there are two links, the Make A Wish Foundation is an international charity that relies on donations for it’s funding, and for those of you that have never come across it they grant one big wish to children suffering from serious medical conditions that they will most likely die from.  The Hospital link is to their donations page, not only does this hospital provide treatment but it also takes part in medical research, and whilst they will have other sources of income any donation they might recieve will undoubtedly help them research treatments for diseases like cancer.

I honestly don’t know the wishes of the family in reguards to this but I’m sure if anyone chose to make a donation to either of the above good causes, or perhaps one local to you that treats or works with cancer patients in your area, they would be appreciative.  And whilst I know I said I would not name anyone in this post if people wish to pass on their condolences dirrectly then clicking on the link here will open the video in a new browser tab.

And once again, the thoughts and best wishes of SkepticTV, and their friends Trolling With Logic, are with the family as they support each other with this loss.