Europe has it’s own Creationists too!

This is something worth bearing in mind, especially since the UK will now have it’s first state schools with a creationist influence…….don’t believe me?  Here’s the Guardian article that reports on it.  These schools are meant to not teach creationism in science lessons, something that Michael Gove has apparently insisted on, but it doesn’t say anything about RE lessons and as anyone that’s seen Richard Dawkins series on Faith schools it’s still completely possible to undermine the science you are teaching because they’ll revert to the stance of ‘but we know what our faith says’.  The ‘best’ thing about this is that the money for these creationist Free Schools comes out of the same pot of money for state schools, because Free Schools are state funded schools…….  So not only will they be jeopardising the education of the children in the Free Schools but also the other local schools that will be losing out on funds.

But as the blog title suggests it’s not just a British issue, it’s Europe wide.  The video below is from a conference in Europe for World Skeptics.