Old Shows Going Online

As those of you following our twitter will know our tech guy (who is amazing) has started to go through our back catalogue of shows and render them suitable for youtube.  By rendering suitable he is seperating the audio from the visual of the original recordings as the array of pictures that we show during the live shows arn’t ours to stick on youtube.  The first three shows are up and can be checked out on our youtube channel.  If you wish to use part or all of a show for educational use then thats fine, just make sure you credit us and provide links back to us and a heads up that you are doing this, if it’s for other uses please contact us first.

For those that are interested in our theme music it’s written by a group called Silver, it’s the intro for the song Can’t Lose which they have kindly given us permission to use.  You should check them out.

Once we’ve had a chance to work out where it will go on our site we’ll have an archive page set up with links to all the videos.