Why Harrasement is Never a Non-Issue

On the back of my last blog post I’d like to point you in the direction of another of The True Pooka‘s videos.  This one is a little more personal in nature than his normal material as it’s about an issue that affected both him and his good lady.  And it’s at this point that I’ll slip in the ‘read more’ line a bit earlier than normal.

Pooka and his wife had an issue with a stalker, and it clearly shows how the system is stacked against people on the recieving end of this sort of reprehensible danger.  It’s one that I strongly recomend watching, not only because it highlights the problem but it also searves as a bit of a rough and ready guide to how to deal with it.

So how does this relate to the matter at hand?  It shows that the MRA’s are barking up the wrong tree with their twoddle about things being easier to women…..especially those using made up terms like hypoagency.  Women still have a lot stacked against them, and that’s not to say that men never find themselves in that situation.  But people need to identify that one set of stacked odds does not nullify the other set of stacked odds.

I’d like to think I’ve made my stance clear on these last few blog posts I’ve done, and if I haven’t I’ll restate it now.  I want to see equality of opportunity for every one, that might mean some reasonable adjustments might need to be made (i.e. wheelchair access ramps, support for people with other forms of disability), so that those with the desire and ability to do something can and that people are safe from any form of harrasement.  When we’ll get that is something I can’t predict, although I suspect it may be some time (although I hope to be pleasantly surprised).

In the mean time check out the video below.