Schedule for the 2012 Fundraiser

{Edit:Schedule with links here}

Firstly massive appologies for not doing this on the weekend!  Real life has spat a number of things at me right now so I have to juggle them and the fundraiser, however given my overall awesome nature I’m sure I’ll be fine…….so without further messing around lets do this!

The times will be as follows, GMT/EST I’ll then list the guest and say a few things about each which may also include what they will talk about.

14:00/09:00 – SkepticTV, We’ll be kicking things off, we should be joined by one of the lovely people at Sense About Science.

15:00/10:00 – The Rock Show, Big Jim will kick things off for us with music and chat, and possibly some rock/metal-tastic guests!

16:00/11:00 – Prof. Dr. F. Raud will be answering all your scientific questions!

17:00/12:00 – Phil Plait will pop by to discuss some Bad Astronomy….there may even be some Whovian geekery too…..

18:00/13:00 – Tombstone and Greydon from Grand Unified will be popping on down for some more musical delights.

19:00/14:00 – Live Pwnage with the TWL boys, viewer voting….there will be cryptic clues to keep it a surprise!

20:00/15:00 – Dr Dave Rothery from the Open University will be coming over to talk about Geological Hazards and how we can, or can’t, forcast them.

21:00/16:00 – Deborah Hyde will be joining us, she blog about matters relating to folk lore, has been a previous speaker at QEDcon and is Managing Editor of The Skeptic magazine.

22:00/17:00 – Margaret McCartney will be along to talk about her new book The Patient Paradox and The Evidence for Screening.

23:00/18:00 – DPRjones of the Magic Sandwich show and youtube will be gracing us with his usual charm and wit as he leads us into the witching hour!

00:00/19:00 – Chris Wanjek will be talking about Raw and Vegan Diets.

01:00/20:00 – The SkepticTV crew will be back to round up the show in the final hour, there’s the possibility of more fun and shananigans of the ‘Believe Anything’ kind as invite any remaining guests to join us.

So there you have it folks, the schedule for the 2012 12 hour skype call.  I’ll add links to blogs/twitters for our guests tomorrow so that you can check them out.  If you have any questions for them you can ask them on the night or send them to us in advance, you can do that by posting them as a comment in reply to this post, e-mailing them in via our contact page or tweeting us.  On the subject of twitter we will be tweeting on the night and we can make use of the #12hourcall to tweet about the awesome time we’re having!

I’ll also edit in the link to the just giving page and add in the text code, if you are desperate to donate now then you can go back two blog posts and the links are there!

So I hope to see you all on the night where I should be about halfway through my insanely busy schedule for the next week or so!