IPCC Scientists Explain Their Findings

On YouTube I found a couple of videos about the new IPCC report that I found interesting. Especially since in 3 of the 4 videos we have the scientists that worked on the report explain what is in it.

In the first video we have several scientists explaining the context and meaning of the slow down in surface temperature increases. It’s a good and short rundown on what is happening, why, and what this all means.

The second video is about Arctic sea ice and that with current trends summer ice could be mostly gone in 30 years. Which is big change from the 2007 report where this was expected to happen somewhere at the end of this century.

In the third video we have scientist Monika Rhein talk about the current state of ocean acidification and how this will progress if we continue to increase CO2 levels. Ocean acidification alone is reason enough to take action to reduce our emissions to prevent the damage this will cause to the environment and the consequences of that for the fishing industry.

The following video by NASA gives a nice summary of what the models show that we can expect in precipitation and temperature changes around the world:

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