SkepticTV Is No More

SkepticTV logoAfter a good run of almost 3 years SkepticTV will sadly cease to exist. The past 3 years were extremely fun and eventful with our show, the many guests we’ve had, and us appearing as guests on other shows. We also made a difference through the fundraisers we held.

But unfortunately a lot of us had trouble finding the time for keeping the show, website, and our social media accounts running. It takes a lot more time to run a show about scepticism than most people realize. Most of us also have their our own projects, jobs, education, and other real life obligations competing for time. As it wasn’t fair to burden those that still had some time with the sole responsibility to keep SkepticTV running the decision was made to discontinue the show.

What does this mean?

All SkepticTV accounts will eventually go silent after the posting of this announcement. All content will remain available as long as those services are, but will no longer be actively maintained or updated. There might be the occasional upload to our YouTube channel for archival purposes of recordings. But this is dependant on our Broadcast Technician finding time for this.

The ownership of content on our social media accounts, the accounts themselves, our website and it’s content, and any further licenses have been transferred to our Broadcast Technician Collin Maessen. This also means that all email addresses that were in use for SkepticTV now redirect all messages to the inbox of our Broadcast Technician.

As such all request for information or remarks should be directed towards Collin.

What will happen

After publication of this blog post the content on this website will be prepared for curation on the website Real Sceptic. This is the website about scepticism that our Broadcast Technician maintains. This means that you will see a lot of changes in the content of this website as it is prepared for inclusion on Real Sceptic. Some of the content won’t be publicly visible any more (for example our show announcements) but will still be present on Real Sceptic. If you need any of the content please contact our Broadcast Technician Collin.

Those that are subscribed to our SkepticTV website via email or a WordPress account should automatically be transferred to Real Sceptic. A request for this will be submitted to WordPress who maintains these lists.

Anyone who follows our blog via RSS should not notice anything. The domain SkepticTV will eventually point to Real Sceptic and from that moment on you will receive the Real Sceptic feed.

When all the content is migrated and all tasks are finished announcements for this will be placed on our social media outlets to notify everyone. Anyone having an email or RSS feed subscription should see the Real Sceptic announcement for this appear in their inbox or RSS reader.

Where can I find similar content?

If you like what SkepticTV did we can recommend the following for you (all mentions are for projects and sites of our members):

  1. Real Sceptic:
    A website about scientific scepticism with content that’s very similar to what we published on our blog. There’s a heavy emphasis on environmental subjects, but there’s more than enough other content published on a regular basis that should interest our readers.
  2. About a World:
    A podcast run by CSBair and Collin Maessen exploring new perspectives on scientific and educational topics, as well as news and politics, with personal tales mixed in. If you liked our SkepticTV broadcasts this is the podcast for you.
  3. @Idebunkforme:
    A Twitter account that’s manned by CSBair that debunks “stupidity wherever it rears its ignorant self.” If you like short and to the point retorts towards scientific nonsense than this is the Twitter account for you to follow.

So long and thanks for all the laughs

We truly enjoyed what we did, and our followers, readers, and viewers made it incredibly fun. Thank you for your support and patronage during the past 3 years.

Collin Maessen is the founder and editor of Real Skeptic and a proponent of scientific skepticism. For his content he uses the most up to date and best research as possible. Where necessary consulting or collaborating with scientists.