Richard Muller – I Was Wrong On Global Warming, But It Didn’t Convince The ‘Sceptics’

Richard Muller

Richard Muller

A couple of years ago Richard Muller entered the public debate on global warming. Making some very strange claims about the current temperature records and some extremely harsh accusations towards climate researchers. This of course made him a hero among climate science deniers.

He started the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project to double-check the existing temperature records and answer the, to him, valid criticisms of existing temperature reconstructions. It was no surprise to the climate research community that Muller confirmed that global warming is real and that the only plausible explanation is the increase in greenhouse gasses. This hasn’t endeared him with the climate science deniers.

Peter Sinclair has a good video giving the details of how Muller appeared on the scene and the results Muller found:

I managed to get an interview with Muller at the AGU 2014 Fall Meeting. During the interview he still made controversial claims about climate research. These same claims haven’t endeared him with the climate research community (more about this in a later video). Though nowadays he very clearly defends the temperature records showing global warming is real and he has some choice words for those that don’t accept the science.

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