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Video description

Lee Doren who runs the YouTube channel HowTheWorldWorks said in his video The Nashville Flood Happened that passing a law that prevents foreign tourist buying soft drugs would destroy the Dutch tourist industry:

He got the information on the current proposal for this law and the current lawsuits surrounding this issue from the following article:,1518,693161,00.html

The current push for making the sale of soft drugs to foreigners illegal has to do with some severe issues we have around our borders with drugs runners. These drugs runners actually drive foreign tourists of the road to ask them if they want to buy drugs, and endanger everyone on the road when they are fleeing from the police. A lot of accidents have already happened, and some pursuits have ended with police firing guns in self defence.

Also the Dutch tourist industry isn't solely dependant on drug tourism. Drug tourism is just a 140 million industry on a total income of over 9 billion. Most people come here to relax, enjoy our culture, our landscape and take a look at all the historic landmarks.

So tourism wouldn't collapse if drug tourism would be banned, far from it.


First with lighter news, it's actually international news, it looks like the Dutch government is thinking of banning marijuana, get this, for tourists.

Now I don't smoke marijuana, but isn't that really the only reason why anyone would wanna go to Holland is because they wanna smoke marijuana legally?

The're going to destroy the entire tourist industry in Holland.

Drug Tourism Industry: 140 million

Most of them visit only for a day.

Tourism is a 9 billion Euro industry

Tourists visit our country for our history, culture, art, festivals and to see our national parks.

To name just a few reasons.

Our tourism industry wouldn't be ruined if this law would be passed.

There is a reason for this law.

Drugsrunners smuggle drugs.

Which they bought in our country.

When discovered they flee from the police.

Endangering other motorists.

Several severe accidents have happend due to this.

Some of them even try to drive over police officers or shoot at them.

They also drive foreigners of the road, then try to sell them drugs.

Residents are fed up with this. That's the reason for this law.

There just have been to many close calls.


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Ventures Into Scepticism