dutchliamFor whoever gives a crap about who I am. First off, as you may have already guessed, I’m Dutch. Born in the year 1984 and a big Oasis fan, hence the name Liam.

After Jurassic Park came out in 1994 my dream was to become a paleontologist and find dinosaur bones throughout the world. Got scammed in collecting dinosaur pictures and lost all my savings…parents huh..where are they when you need them? Valuable lesson my ass!

In 2000 I started keeping animals (scorpions, lobsters and a small freshwater tank with way too much fish in it). They got boring very fast and I decided to buy a saltwater aquarium…..since then I’ve had 3 tanks and kept various species of coral, anemones, Crustaceans and tropical fish. I don’t have a saltwater tank anymore because it’s expensive as hell…..
I do keep several Arthropods though; praying mantis, tarantula, several beetle species and also several cockroach species. I also have a freshwater tank with whatever I can catch in small streams and lakes.

I’ve always been interested in anything related to nature. From fossils to microbes, from whales to insects. Studied Biology & Medical Laboratory Research for 2,5 years (it sucked) and currently I’m a 3rd year Marine Biology student at the university of Groningen (Netherlands). My plans are to finish my masters degree in Holland and emigrate to Australia to do another masters degree (coral studies) so I can work on my passion…..coral reefs.

About 3 years ago a person from my mother’s church contacted me and asked me if I had changed my mind and wanted to return to their church. Obvious answer was HELLS NOOO!!!! He started rambling about the origin of the universe, life and evolutionary theory, how it’s constantly changing and no 2 scientists agree on anything. That is where it all began for me. Since then I’ve been busy on youtube, not making videos, but responding to any nonsense claim I could find……and now I’m addicted to it. My role on SkepticTV is firstly to moderate the BlogTV chat and appear on the show when needed (either because someone else can’t make it or it’s a subject I happen to know some things about). People sometimes say I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed and I can be somewhat of a dumbass…..I agree! A bit of self reflection is always a good thing!

I proudly call myself a pacifist and very much respect John Lennon’s message for peace & love. Words like “hate” are not in my vocabulary. My main motto for life is to, as George Harrison said before he died, love one another.