SkepticTV broadcasts every fortnight on its BlogTV channel, and all of our shows are recorded. If you subscribe to our YouTube channel you’ll get a notification as soon as one of our episodes are uploaded.

During our broadcast on BlogTV we normally air the video feed from the skype call, or show pictures that help explain the subject our hosts and guests are talking about. Although our tech guy likes to throw in the occasional picture that adds a bit of humour to the subject.

As the copyright status of these images are often not known to us our recordings are audio only. So you can catch up on what was said during a show but it won’t be the full experience. Another detail is also that our broadcast equipment isn’t powerful enough to simultaneous broadcast and record video.

That being said, the sub pages contain all the shows we have uploaded so far to our YouTube channel. If you want to get a glimpse of how our shows feels like during a BlogTV we can recommend our highlights page as these videos do contain images and/or video.