Season 0

The unofficial start of SkepticTV was a simple Skype call between a few atheists and Nephilimfree. It was a reach out to him for hanging around a bit and just having some fun together. As why shouldn’t that be possible?

Well, turned out that it wasn’t. Not long into the call Nephilimfree started talking about creationism and mangling science severely in the proces. This eventually resulted in more people joining and trying to get through to Nephilimfree. Sometimes getting close, but most of the time not.

Below you will find parts of the recordings that were made of this infamous 12 hour call.

Part 1 – NephilimFree Ragequits

Part 2 – NephilimFree Says Geologists are Idiots

Part 3 – A New Challenger Approaches NephilimFree

Part 4 – NephilimFree, Sexist

Part 5 –  A Laugh at NephilimFree’s Expense

Part 6 – NephilimFree Discusses Dr Kenneth Miller

Part 7 – NephilimFree Argues Fossilization is Common