lefayad1991I am currently a History Major at Texas A&M University. I currently work as an Aggie Spirit Bus Driver. WHOOP! In my time at college and even before college I have spent most of my time studying government, history, and human interactions as well as reading several books on the matter.

The Human Being as a species has always fascinated me and I perceive it as a very complex, yet easily frightened animal, unsure of its own capabilities and not aware of the consequences of its own strength. I have read dozens of books relating to geopolitics, human history, current events, and many others to make sure that my knowledge of the human condition is as well formed as possible.

I am one of the original team members of SkepticTV, which as many of you know has its roots in the now legendary “12 Hour Science Gang Bang Skype Call with NephilimFree.” I will routinely be on the show and will put my input as I see fit.

You can find more information about me on my YouTube channel.