WombleAs the only female member of the group Womble balances out the testosterone of the boys, she doesn’t let this put her off though and is more than capable of keeping them in check.  As a co-founder of SkepticTV she’s a veteran of the 12 hour skype call that started things rolling.  She was brought into the call when it had already been going on for several hours when the group needed the back up of a Geologist, so she is the groups token geologist not their token girl.

Womble’s track record for dealing with creationist denials of science extends back to the time she joined youtube and earlier.  She brings to the group her knowledge and expertise of Geology and strong grounding in general science, she is also a self confessed science and study junky and continues to study sciences in her spare time.  She is capable of holding her own in many discussions and her debunking style varies between ‘sweetness and light’ and ‘blunt force trauma’ depending on her mood and what she wishes to accomplish.

It’s also worth noting that Womble is a Geek and is not afraid to admit it, she enjoys both films and books in the sci fi and fantasy genres as well as various forms of role playing, Magic the Gathering and is known to dabble into gaming at times.

If you have any questions on Geology or comments/suggestions you can contact her via: womble@skeptictv.net