Drill, Baby Drill, Revisited

Steven Crowder has released a video where he makes fun of the current petrol prices and of the policies Obama has on it. And in it he makes a case for more drilling in the United States to lower oil prices.


This does sound a lot, 163 billion barrels of oil. But lets take a look at how they got this number.

The amount of proved reserves the United States has is mostly pegged around 20.6 billion barrels of oil. Crowder got the number of 163 billion barrels from the report “U.S. Fossil Fuel Resources: Terminology, Reporting, and Summary” released by the Congressional Research Service.

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Sarah Palin

When I was skimming through my RSS feeds I came across an item where Sarah Palin was again pushing drilling for oil to solve the energy dependency problems of the U.S. A return to the “Dril, baby, drill” agenda she has been pushing since the last presidential election campaign. Anyone with access to a search engine can easily figure out…