Income inequality and human rights

Lee Doren’s comments (HowTheWorldWorks) about economic inequality not being a real human rights issue and that the United States is nothing like oppressive regimes warranted a response:

Here’s how the report is basically written. It states some sort of law that the United States passed like the American Disabilities Act, or other types of laws, that prevent “economic inequality” in the United States. They talk about title nine. And then it states that we still have steps in the United States to take to make human rights no longer a problem. Those are not human rights violations, OK.

Yes those are human rights violation, and I’ll explain why.

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Sarah Palin

When I was skimming through my RSS feeds I came across an item where Sarah Palin was again pushing drilling for oil to solve the energy dependency problems of the U.S. A return to the “Dril, baby, drill” agenda she has been pushing since the last presidential election campaign. Anyone with access to a search engine can easily figure out…

Dutch Tourism Industry

Lee Doren who runs the YouTube channel HowTheWorldWorks said in his video “The Nashville Flood Happened” that passing a law that prevents foreign tourist buying soft drugs would destroy the Dutch tourist industry. Now as someone who lives in The Netherlands and enjoys taking vacations in his own country I knew this was nonsense. So with some digging on the…