Synthetic Biology

Science reporting is hard, and mistakes can be made. But I never expected the BBC could cover a subject this badly. Watch this video on YouTube Back in March, David Shukman (BBC Science Editor) published a short report on synthetic biology. The reports cast a shadow on the hard work of scientists and implies that synthetic biology is not accepted…

Huckabee Addresses ‘Personhood’ Fundraiser

I don’t know what it is with GOP presidential candidates (he ran in 2008 and finished second after McCain), but Mike Huckabee expressed his support for the Personhood campaign: Watch this video on YouTube In essence what Personhood is lobbying for is that from the moment of conception someone is a person. With the goal of getting this put into law…

Do Human Races Exist?

Not that long ago there was a little spat on YouTube when the HeyRuka made a couple of videos about the differences between human races. One of her main points was that there is a difference in IQ between these races. Understandably this caused an outrage on YouTube as this is quite a sensitive topic. But I don’t care about…

Journal Of Cosmology And Alien Life On Meteorite

Yesterday, the 5th of March, Fox News released an article on their blog where they announced that Richard Hoover, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre, thinks he has found evidence for extraterrestrial life. And since Fox News published this article I’ve seen this crop up on more and more places on the internet.

What Hoover found were structures inside a rare type of meteorite, a CI1 carbonaceous chondrite – the one Hoover analysed fell in France in 1864 – and it contains something that looks very much like remains of microbes.

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