No, Global Warming Hasn’t Stopped

On my “Climate Changes, But Facts Don’t: Debunking Monckton” videos this claim was popping up a lot. The reasoning is that because global surface temperatures haven’t risen for over 15 years this means that global warming has stopped and that the projections are wrong.

Unfortunately this ignores a lot of evidence that the planet is still accumulating heat. As I had to explain this constantly in my comment sections on YouTube it prompted me to push the script I was writing about this to the top of the queue:

No, Global Warming Hasn't Stopped

As usual you can find a full transcript, source listing, and used media resources in the video transcript section.

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A Letter to a Mr. A. N. Wilson

Who would have thought that the source of my next blog would be from the Daily Mail, a British newspaper. Specifically, a man named A. N. Wilson, who contributes occasionally to the paper. The article was about the London riots, and was most probably 90% of the other content. This article however, which I shall link at the end of this blog post, really made me mad for multiple reasons. Looking into this writers backgorund did nothing to help, and brought me to a worrying realisation.

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