Race and IQ – RukaGate

Now that most of the dust has settled over the recent YouTube drama surround HeyRuka, I thought it was time I carefully picked over the wreckage and try to give a more balanced view on things. Failing that, I’d like to stir up trouble again.

It was disappointing as someone who was very keen to have Ruka on the show to see that she’s not the skeptic that we had her down to be. It was doubly disappointing given that we’d planned to have her on our show about morality, as Ruka has found herself at the centre of a racism charge.

For those who haven’t seen her videos, Ruka has made several videos (now deleted) concerning the differences that separate the different human races. Some of this content is her attempts to defend her initial arguments, and doing nothing to make her side seem more acceptable. She has stated that the difference between races is “not skin-deep”, and I agree; any geneticist can tell you that a person’s DNA can shed light upon their ethnicity. But that’s about as good as it gets. Of course, the races aren’t as genetically distinct as to be different species. At the end of the day there’s no denying that we’re all human beings. But what I really want to address here is Ruka’s claim that the black races are genetically predisposed to be less intelligent than the other races.

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When Miscarriages and Still Births are Murders….

For a start I’d like to say that this entry will be a short one, I’ve got some things to do today but I’m also at a point where I can start pulling my head out of constant studying around work and get on with some blogging!

So there I was eating my lunch and perusing my facebook wall seeing what was happening in that sphere when I saw this lovely little article.  In a nut shell it seems that legislation that was introduced to protect pregnant women from other people trying to harm their babies is now being use to arrest them for murdering their babies!  Thats right boys and girls, if the mothers to be have consumed something that could be taken as causing them to miscarry or their child to be still born or to even die a short while after birth (note: this short while could even be days) then they get arrested for murder.

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