When Miscarriages and Still Births are Murders….

For a start I’d like to say that this entry will be a short one, I’ve got some things to do today but I’m also at a point where I can start pulling my head out of constant studying around work and get on with some blogging!

So there I was eating my lunch and perusing my facebook wall seeing what was happening in that sphere when I saw this lovely little article.  In a nut shell it seems that legislation that was introduced to protect pregnant women from other people trying to harm their babies is now being use to arrest them for murdering their babies!  Thats right boys and girls, if the mothers to be have consumed something that could be taken as causing them to miscarry or their child to be still born or to even die a short while after birth (note: this short while could even be days) then they get arrested for murder.

I wonder what their take on chromosomal abnormalities that induce miscarrying will be?  DIY eugenics?  Here’s a fun fact that I learnt when I did some biology in my degree studies.  We know that people can be born with an extra chromosome 21 (or parts of it, you don’t need the whole thing) and live, albeit with Downs Syndrom.  There’s also trisomy 13 which is the 13th Chromosome, if you are in the UK and watching C4’s Born to be Different series it’s what Shelby has.  With the exception of the X chromosome (click the link HERE) all large chromosomes that occur as trisomy are lethal mutations, so if you end up with some nondisjunction action as your chromosomes line up for seperation during meiosis are they going to try and pull this ‘murdering the feotus’ shit on you?

But I digress…..  Going back to the topic the joyous upshot of this turn of events is the demoting of expectant mothers to lower class citizens because they happen to have a parasite in their tummy.  Granted said parasite is an unborn baby and in most cases it is a wanted thing but it’s still a parasite.  So clearly the women that fought tooth and nail for women to have equal station in life forgot to factor in that the unborn child is holy and sacred and has more rights that the woman it’s feeding off of.  And for the record (just incase anyone is getting pissy over my use of parasite) I hope to one day do the parasite thing myself, then I can do the small noisey creature that spreads diseases thing with my family and get my brother back for all the colds his rug rat has given me!!

This article also explains why TheTruePooka made this video.


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