Some Time Back in the Latter part of 2010…

As with all things there is a humble story to be told. The origins are unremarkable in themselves, but the events they sparked had repercussions that shook a small corner of the internet. And soon those events where known by many more people.

So what was this unassuming event that started things off?  Well a student, of what some may call a real science, and others may refer to as not being a proper science, was hosting a BlogTV show. And as he was often want to do he was looking for interesting people to co-host with via skype.

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NephilimFree and genetic modifications

NephilimFree and genetic modifications

NephilimFree said in his video “The atheists have one thing half-right” the following on genetic modification:

We can’t take the genetics of two different kinds like, ape and human, and mix them together. Or a reptile and human, or an insect and a human, and mix them together and create a viable living creature. According to modern biology, that’s impossible.

But we can mix the genetics of different ‘kinds’ together and create viable living creatures. The most well known examples are plants that have been genetically modified to express certain characteristics they normally don’t have.

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Becoming active on YouTube

I’ve always been a casual user of YouTube, who isn’t with all the videos that are hosted on YouTube. However not to long ago I was introduced to the video’s made by Peter Sinclair who publishes video’s under the username Greenman3160. He has superb video’s debunking claims from climate change denialists.

His video’s are the reason I signed up for a user account on youtube so that I could subscribe to his channel. And from the suggestions YouTube gave on his channel I started subscribing to other channels.

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