Some Time Back in the Latter part of 2010…

As with all things there is a humble story to be told. The origins are unremarkable in themselves, but the events they sparked had repercussions that shook a small corner of the internet. And soon those events where known by many more people.

So what was this unassuming event that started things off?  Well a student, of what some may call a real science, and others may refer to as not being a proper science, was hosting a BlogTV show. And as he was often want to do he was looking for interesting people to co-host with via skype.  Someone noticed that a person of a certain infamy on youtube was about and made the suggestion that the host should invite this person.  I am of course talking about Blujugganaut and Neph, AKA Sugarbritches, AKA Sporty.  See poor little Blu only wanted to talk to Neph….but then Neph had to go and crack on with his usual diatribe…..and….well……the rest, as they say, is history!

Epic Skype Call

And for the see the list below, with luck they should open in new windows.  We’ve got excerpt of some of this, parts of the call are missing, if you got some of the earlier parts could you let us know 🙂

Part 1 – Neph Ragequits (one of many times)

Part 2 – Neph calls all Geologists Idiots (yeah, like hat’ll go down well with this Womble)

Part 3 – Neph Faces a New Challenger (I wonder who that could be 😉 )

Part 4 – Neph AKA Sexist Pig (It’s like that song…..I see your trrruuuuuuuuuueeeeee colooouurs shining through….)

Part 5 – Neph gets Laughed at (aka we play mean)

Part 6 – Neph and the Dr Kenneth Miller Discussion (more fail)

Part 7 – Neph Argues that Fossilisation is Common (and shows his epic ignorance)

So there you go, theres a good couple of hours of stuff there… imagine having to be in the call with him, putting up with that level of stupidity for several hours and not just the 10/15 minutes of a video on youtube…


{Edited to put the videos in properly}