More Water Whackos!

So there I was on another forum randomly discussing stuff related to science and why we need people to have more than a basic factual grounding to spot pseudoscience.  Granted it would probably take a degree to have a hope in hells chance of debunking but I’m just talking enough science to spot that there’s something fishy going on.

All of this reminded me of when AnswersinBooks had some dealings with one snakeoil salesman Peter Goodgold.  And if anyone was reading our blog and the updates we gave at the time you should know that all seems quiet following the judicial application of the LAW!!  (Yes, read that as being Judge Dredd stylee.)

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Waterworks4u and Peter Goodgold An example of snake oil

An Introduction:

I am a youtube user known as Answers in books. I have posted this written post on science of reason because it would seem any attempt to criticize or even mention the company waterworks4u elsewhere is targeted by parties keen on censoring me. I am
eager for my voice to be heard for anyone looking to get a water ionizer be it from waterworks4u, Kangen water, Water for Life,Tyent, Alkalux, IonQuench, Chanson, Watershed, Jupiter, Alkazone, Enagic, Alkalife or any of the other companies selling these machines needs to understand the world they are venturing into. I thank SkepticTV for this opportunity and hasten to point out that science of reason have nothing to do with my written content presented here. Should any of the named parties have issue with this article then they should be clear that I am the lone person responsible for it.

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