More Water Whackos!

So there I was on another forum randomly discussing stuff related to science and why we need people to have more than a basic factual grounding to spot pseudoscience.  Granted it would probably take a degree to have a hope in hells chance of debunking but I’m just talking enough science to spot that there’s something fishy going on.

All of this reminded me of when AnswersinBooks had some dealings with one snakeoil salesman Peter Goodgold.  And if anyone was reading our blog and the updates we gave at the time you should know that all seems quiet following the judicial application of the LAW!!  (Yes, read that as being Judge Dredd stylee.)

So I shared the link to AiB’s video with the members of the forum a bit dejected that when I clicked on both the channel and video links for the original that AiB debunked and I found they weren’t there any more.  (I had wanted to share the stupid.)  However it didn’t take me long to find a replacement…….which I’d like to share with you now.  Remember, this video contains bad science… may want some alcohol on stand by to help you deal with it!

I told you there was bad science in there!!  Anyway, as a form of antidote here is AiB’s excellent debunking of this ionised water nonsense, plus there’s an extra goody which I personally think is awesome!!!


The awesome:


P.S. A study needs to hit the peer reviewed literature and SURVIVE for it to count!

P.P.S. AiB will be joining the boys in this weeks show!