A fake bomb? Not really.

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Video description

Lee made the extraordinary claim that a green energy company had sent a fake bomb to a professor who is critical on the industry. When I followed up on the mentioned source it turned out the situation wasn't as clear cut as he represented it in his video:


Intro: Science, my boy, is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth.

In his latest video Lee Doren said something that peaked my interest.

Another kind of disturbing story is that supposedly a person in Spain, a professor or a research in Spain, who did a piece uh... Reporting on the fact that the green jobs in Spain is such a boondoggle, got a fake bomb in the mail sent to him from the company that produces this green technology. Because you know what if he proves that the green jobs are a boondoggle, which they are, they're not getting the subsidies.

Quite shocking news if this turns out to be true, so I followed up on the reference he provided. And indeed it looks quite damning.

However, as I continued reading the article I noticed an update statement at the end. Which says:

A Spanish correspondent is following this story for us in the Spanish media; there are some reports that the underlying issue was a courier error, compounded by the less tangible threats and attacks Calzada has suffered. We continue to follow the story and will keep readers informed.

Well this is intriguing, seems it might not be so bad as described by Lee in his video. So lets follow up on the source mentioned in that update.

With the help of Google translate we can figure out that the so-called bomb parts are actually a diesel oil filter with a ring attached to it. Yes, no explosives or timer involved here, just a few engine parts.
And also these parts were shipped to Dr Calzada by mistake, it was supposed to be sent to a garage by the courier. What he was supposed to get was a report on renewable energy. The courier just made a mistake with the packages, Dr Calzada got the wrong one.

The rest seams to be miscommunication between the parties involved which was compounded by the fact that Dr. Calzade rushed this to the media, which then ran with it. As soon as Thermotechnic heard about this they contacted Dr. Calzade and it became apparent that this was just a misunderstanding.

This was already known two days ago, you just have to take a look at the comment section in the source you mentioned to find this information.

So Lee, you might want to check these things before you use them in one of your videos.

And that's how the world works.


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