NephilimFree and genetic modifications – part 2

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Video description

I had the opportunity to talk to neph about his genetic modification argument on his BlogTalkRadioShow.


NEPHILIMFREE: You're sounding very faint. But go ahead and ask me again please.

COLLIN: Yeah, you made a video where you said that we cannot use DNA from different kinds to create a new life form.

NEPHILIMFREE: Yeah, well I said that uh... man doesn't have the technology to create a brand new life form from scratch. And we don't have the technology to take the DNA of one creature and another and create a new one. And what I meant by that was create a new creature with a new morphology. I don't mean taking a gene from one creature and putting it in the DNA of another um... viable... already viable organism. I'm talking about mixing, taking two kinds of creatures and creating a new kind from them. Okay? We don't have that technology.


It would seem rational to assume that that's what I meant.

Lets play the original tape..

The Book of Enoch tells us that these angels, which were cast from heaven, mixed the kinds. Now that’s something that man doesn't have enough technology to do. We can’t take the genetics of two different kinds like ape and human and mix them together. Or a reptile and a human. Or an insect and a human, and mix them together and create a viable, living creature. According to modern biology that’s impossible. It’s impossible to us though, not to the angels. The angels have far greater knowledge than man.

Neph, you moved the goalpost.

But I had fun. Until next time neph.


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