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The subject of this video is controversial. There will be people who say I'm deluded, I'm an idiot, what not. For saying the things I'm going to say in this video. I really don't care. God has revealed the truth to me.


The Book of Enoch tells us that these angels, which were cast from heaven, mixed the kinds. Now that's something that man doesn't have enough technology to do. We can't take the genetics of two different kinds like ape and human and mix them together. Or a reptile and a human. Or an insect and a human, and mix them together and create a viable, living creature. According to modern biology that's impossible. It's impossible to us though, not to the angels. The angels have far greater knowledge than man.

No, we can genetically modify complex lifeforms.

Then in the Nineteen Seventies Monsanto introduced Roundup. Because of its ability to kill most weeds it became one of the most popular herbicides in history.

In the mid ninety nineties, building on technology that used gene splicing, the green revolution turned into the gene revolution. Capitalizing on the new technology Monsanto genetically modified seeds to be Roundup Ready

Normally Roundup kills anything green, but if the plant is Roundup Ready when it is sprayed it doesn't die.


With Monsanto's Bt corn the corn itself is registered as a insecticide. This is because every cell has been engineered to manufacture Bt, a natural bacterial toxin. If a corn borer eats any part of the plant it will die.

And we're aren't limited to plants with genetic modifications.

It looks like any other salmon, but opponents call it FrankenFish and hope to keep it off your dinner plate. Here's the difference, both these fish are eighteen months old but the larger genetically engineered AquAdvantage salmon grows twice as fast as the regular salmon.


Atlantic salmon grows in fits and starts, but scientists found that adding genetic material from a Pacific salmon and an eel like fish helps them grow round the clock.

So you can see we are producing food with genetically modified crops. I'll list the main agricultural crops that are being used in the United States, with the percentage of those crops that are genetic modified strains (mostly modified with genes from bacteria):


  • Soybeans, 93%
  • Corn, 86%
  • Canola, 93%
  • Hawaiian papaya, 80%
  • Cotton, for cottonseed oil, 93%

This destroys your argument that we cannot produce viable genetically modified crops or animals. Although currently animals haven't really been modified and used for food production as there are public opinion and legislative hurdles they need to take before they can do this, the salmon I showed is the big test case.

Also the crops I mentioned represent a large portion of your breakfast, lunch and dinner that's based on, or derived from, plants genetically modified with genes from bacteria (there was even a tomato with a fish gene). So, how do you explain this in the context of your argument that we cannot modify genes and produce a viable life form? Have fun with that.


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