NephilimFree’s new channel block (censorship) policy

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Video description

My response to NephilimFree's new channel block policy.

This policy is in my opinion no more than an announcement of open and blatant censorship on his part. Which I find highly hypocritical as he claims he's right, critiques other people and their views, but doesn't allow any form of criticism on his own channel.

You can find his video here (deleted):

You can watch my original rant about being blocked by NephilimFree here:


A couple of days ago Nephilimfree posted a video in which he stated his new channel policy.

In that video he also explained his previous block policy.

Considering I was blocked by him I was interested if it also explained the reason why I was blocked.

Here are the main points from his video:

Three years ago when I created a youtube channel my purpose for coming here was to help people learn that evolution is false, creation is true, and science supports the bible. And also to do a  a little preaching. Little of sharing of the word of god.

I've received many messages in those three years, and I received them frequently. From someone who says I want to thank you for helping me to see the truth. Because your videos I have come to realize that the evolution is false and creation is true. I also receive messages sometimes telling me that because of my videos that they have come to Jesus Christ and they are now worshipping god. They've given up their denialism and they have a new understanding. I'm not the only one, other christians and creationists on YouTube are receiving the same kind of messages.

My purpose for being here was for people like that, to help them. But because there are ardent denialists, science denialists, god denialists on YouTube. Evolutionist are an ardent evangelical kind, and even deluded Christians who believe in evolution to fight tooth and nail creationists over it.


But because of these ardent denialists that are on YouTube I've been sidetracked, like a lot of others I'm sure, into spending a lot of my personal time arguing with evolutionists in the threads my videos. And what gets so uh... aggravating and and uh... annoying about it is that you can provide the evidence repeatedly and they'll still deny it.


So I've been sidetracked in spending a lot of my personal time into arguing... debating with these people. I have blocked some two thousand athe... evolutionists for various reasons. Commonly for... for the following reasons.

One, they expect a dialogue back-and-forth with us and they ask me questions a lot. How can this be true if bla bla bla. And I respond. And then I'll ask them a question. They ignore it. Then they ask me another question bla bla bla. Ah, okay. So I respond. Then I ask them a question. They ignore it. Repeate... You can do this over and over. Most of the time these people will not answer your question because they can't provide scientific evidence that supports their answers. So they won't answer it, they ignore it.

So if somebody is not willing came... comes to my channel expecting dialogue. And then is unwilling to actually dialogue,  just wants to ask questions and nay say and call the bible a lie and what not. You're blocked.

Pardon the interruption.

But I did properly discuss topics with you. I didn't call the bible a lie. Answered all the questions you had.

And I even looked up your sources when you gave them.

So these don't seem to be the reasons for why I was blocked from your channel.

Uh... Somebody who uh... Cusses at uh... Uh... For any reason calls god bad names or... Or calls the bible uh... Uh... Hateful and murderous and what not. You're blocked.

I didn't curse or took the Lord's name in vain. And I didn't call the bible murderous and/or violent.

I see those things as a distraction from any point I'm making. And a show of poor taste if you seriously want to debate.

I am tired of explaining to these people that the Canaanites were the filthiest most wicked human beings on the planet who sacrificed children to uh... Babies to uh... In fire. In... In... And taught their children to have sexual relationships with adults. And if they had the Hebrews destroy the Hebrews the written word of god would have been destroyed. And the Hebrew people would have been destroyed. And there would be no knowledge of god in this world today. And god is going to stand up for himself and he destroyed everyone of them, children included, and he was just in doing so. If you don't like that, tough cookies.

If it weren't so there would be no... They were with the most wicked people the world has ever known. God had every right to wipe them out and not let another generation of  them rise from the earth. If you don't like that answer, tough cookies.

But... And so I deny people like that... I block people like that. And you know I have blocked two thousand or so people. Roughly two thousand people. For these ridiculous things.

I never discussed the Canaanite people with you.

So why did you block me?

And they've taken up a lot of my personal time. In arguing back and forth with them when they refuse to answer your questions, they deny the scientific evidence that you provide right fron of their face. That's not my purpose in being here. My purpose in being here is to help the people who are on the fence or who are curious to help come up... Come out of the brainwashing.

People whose heart is in a place where they [garbled]... Their... Who will allow their mind to accept what they learn. But the ardent evangelical atheist evolutionist, their heart is in a place where... God can't be true, period. I don't care. I don't like the idea of being subject to god and his moral law. So I'm not gonna believe creation, forget it.

See... That's the kind of heart that you're not gonna change. And I'm tired of dealing with people who are not going to change. There's no point in me wasting my time trying to change people who will not change and only god can change. It's a waste of my time.

So I have a new policy regarding my YouTube channel. Anybody who wants to argue with me about the evidences I provided in my video gets instantly blocked and their posts removed. On all my videos. From now till doomsday.

No more will you be able to put fallacious arguments. No more will you be able to argue with me.


I'm not wasting my time on you people who will not change. I'm here for the people whose heart is in a place where they will allow themselves their mind to accept what they learned. People who can come to god, not people who are so dedicated to not being... You know subject to god. That nothing is going to change them except the hand of god.

Now I may still continue to make a debunk video of uh... an evolutionist video now and then, or an atheist video. Somewhere and another. That might be fun. I do that once in a blue moon.

If I was to spend more out of my time doing it, man I'd have a lot of videos to do. Cause there are pfff... Lots of videos made about me out there made by the denialists kind. I'm here to help people who are willing to be helped.

I've tried helping you people for three years, won't be helping no more. So shoo.  Bubye. Cya. Adios. Sayonara. Later.

Of course you're in your right to block users who aren't civil on your channel or were just there to mock you.

I do the same on my channel.

However, I allow everyone to rate, post on topic video replies, and post comments on my videos.

To do so you hust have to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Be civil
  2. Don't break the law.

As this allows people to point out, in very clear language, when i make a mistake.

And I've learned more from these discussions than I ever thought possible

Even when these discussions tend to be repetitive with certain subjects.

I might have had the discussion before, but my opponent might not have.

So if you claim you are right, critique other people, and their viewpoints, and not allow them to defend themselves, you are being hypocritical.

Ventures Into Scepticism