Scott Denning – Into The Heartland Of Climate Science Denial

The AGU 2014 Fall Meeting Interviews

During the AGU Fall Meeting I had the honor of working with Peter Sinclair of Climate Denial Crock of the Week and John Cook of Skeptical Science, interviewing an amazing line-up of scientists and science communicators. I’m floored by who we interviewed and could have a chat with. Everyone brought their A game which gave us some incredible footage.

Video description

Scott Denning is a climate scientist and professor of atmospheric science at Colorado State University. He is known for his research into atmosphere-biosphere interactions and atmospheric carbon dioxide.

He has also, on occasion, gone to Heartland Institute conference to defend the scientific consensus on global warming. In this interview he shares his story and experiences of going to these Heartland Institute conferences and tackling climate science denial head on.


  1. Scott Denning v. Roy Spencer Debate ICCC6
  2. Scott Denning ICCC6
  3. Scott Denning ICCC4
  4. Scott Denning Speaks at International Conference on Climate Change

Media resources

Interviews filmed in collaboration with University of Queensland and Skeptical Science. Full interviews available April 2015 in ‘Making Sense of Climate Science Denial‘.

Camera B interview footage provided by Peter Sinclair of Climate Denial Crock of the Week and Yale Climate Connections.

The AGU 2014 Fall Meeting Interviews