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Climate Changes, But Facts Don’t: Debunking Monckton

On the 19th of July in 2011 the National Press Club of Australia held a debate on climate change. In this video I will be analysing the claims Monckton made during the debate and if they are correct or not.

The reason I’m doing this is that Monckton challenges his critics to check his sources, or like he put it in this debate “to do your homework”. I’m going to follow him up on this to see if the scientific literature, and other available sources, corroborate what he’s saying.

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On the 19th of July in 2011 the National Press Club of Australia held a debate on climate change. I will be analysing the claims Monckton made during the debate and if they are correct or not.

In this part of the debate Monckton asserts that the stated goals of the Australian Green party match those stated in the Communist Manifesto and by European communist parties.


If I may ask a follow on question following that, I heard you this morning on radio, and my recollection is that you articulated that view about Greenpeace. My recollection is that you also suggested that the Greens, both in Europe and this country, had been effectively hijacked by Marxists and the like who had an economic agenda.

Do you - is that a view that you hold about the Greens in this country, that they predominantly have an economic agenda, which is to I think as you put it to destroy the west.

Let me suggest how you can study this question scientifically. Read The Communist Manifesto, it is available on line, read the manifestos of the European communist parties in the post-war period, read the manifesto of your own Green Party and, sir, go figure.

For those that are familiar with the content of The Communist Manifesto, and the positions of some of the communist parties in Europe, will know that what Monckton is saying here is simply not true. The stated goals and principles of the Australian Green Party are not the same as these groups.

Like I've said in a previous section, neither is the environmental movement inherently anti-business or anti-capitalism. Monckton perceives this as such and has even gone as far as saying that the intended goal is to establish a communist world government. Several versions of these arguments have been stated by him while being interviewed by Alex Jones. Yes, the Alex Jones of InfoWars and PrisonPlanet who spreads the most outlandish conspiracy theories.

Lord Monckton on Alex Jones: Copenhagen, a communist coup d'état - 39:05 to 40:44 and 41:13 to 42:00

Looking at this, being inside of it, watching it, what do you predict is going to happen? And if we loose this, and they do get it ratified, then we get to fight at the national level, what do you see happening?

Let me tell you what worries me about all this. What worries me is this: that this treaty has been through several negotiating rounds. And yet, while they have taken out the words government, because I've screamed at them, you've screamed at them, everyone has screamed at them. All the mechanisms of government, all the funding sources, all the fundings streams as they call it. Or funding windows is the latest phrase. Sounds very coy but actually means ways of raiding the taxpayers pocket. All of these things are still in place. And have not only survived the previous draft, draft, but have been considerably amplified.

So what we are looking at is, I'm afraid there is no other way of putting it, is a world wide conspiracy by the governing class against the governed. By the big boys against the little guy. By the rich against the poor. By the strong against the weak. And if you're a little guy, doing your honest job of work to protect and pay for your family, you have good reason to be frightened and disappointed. And if you think that, uh, our kind host and I have been winding each other up and frothing at the mouth about something that is just another global government conspiracy theory, I have just three words for you: read, the, treaty.


If you doubt in any way what I've been saying to you, about the magnitude and breath of the scope of this treaty. The powers and the wealth that it will transfer from you and your country, to an alien unelected communistic bureaucracy, with power to control all free markets world wide, with the power to levy taxes on every financial transaction across international borders. We're looking at an enormous, enormous, um, communistic government. Which in its sheer scale is disproportionate to any conceivable treat from CO2. Particularly now that we know by measurement that all of the UNs models were wrong and CO2 is simply harmless.

These arguments are what you will find if you dig into the Marxist and communist references Monckton gives. I find them very silly as anyone who is familiar with the people involved, the organisations, the proposals themselves and the science behind these proposals will know that the goal is most certainly not to establish a communist world government.


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Climate Changes, But Facts Don’t: Debunking Monckton