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Video description

On the 25th of may I left for the an unofficial YouTube meet-up in Liverpool. It was organised by dlandoncole with help from shredder. I've had a blast in Liverpool with you all and I truly hope to meet you all next time.

I don't have full list of the names of everyone that attended. So please contact me if I didn't list you.

In order of appearance:

Other attendees:


LANDON:  Hi YouTube, I'm DLandonCole and in the weekends my name is Tanya. No, don't use that.


ABBYNORMAL0NE: Hi YouTube, I'm AbbyNormal0ne. I don't know what to say. I have a cold.


LATUMWAY: Hi I'm Jacob, a.k.a. LatumWay and I'm searching for chip shops right now because they don't bring food upstairs.


UJAMES1978: Hello there, this is James Uscroft, ujames1978, here with all these [unintelligible], misfits, and misanthropes. Say hi everyone.

LANDON: Hi everyone!


UJAMES1978: And I'll let you know what's happened after we all have sobered up and remembered our names.


RHYSZ: Hello YouTube. How are you guys? Welcome to Liverpool.


BOSSMAN103: Good afternoon YouTube. This is Bossman103 and as you can see... Well, we're in Liverpool and [unintelligible].


GINGERGREEK: Hello. I am Gingergreek from YouTube and we are here on the Liverpool tour of or our meetup. And so far it's been a wondrous, wondrous holiday. Just got back from the Tate Modern to see a bunch of pretentious bollocks. And uh Jacob nearly masturbated when he saw uh... Jacob, what was that artist you saw?

LATUMWAY: Bauhaus.

GINGERGREEK: Yeah, that [unintelligible], whatever.

LATUMWAY: [unintelligible]

GINGERGREEK: Yeah, him yeah. So that's been the highlight of the tour so far. We're about to go on the Duck Tours and be on the look out for me vomiting over the side as I get severely seasick.


NAUROTICDAX: What to say though... I'm NauroticDax and I'm dangerously close to insanity.


PAULCHARTLY: Good evening everybody, my name is Paul C. Hartly and here I am at the Liverpool meetup and this is my real voice.


SHREDDERNEVERDIES: Hello there YouTube this is ShredderNeverDies formerly known as ShredderIsAlive, GhostOfShredder, ShredderOfFaith, lots of other fucking names since YouTube keeps shutting me down.

The YouTube meet in Liverpool was very memorable. I've finally met people I have known for a while, and met a lot of new interesting people. I had an incredible time with them and I hope I can make it to the next meet-up to see them again.

And I tip my hat to dlandoncole for all the effort he took in organizing this, thank you for making this possible.

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