The Curious Case of the “Water Filter” and the YouTube Video….

So……who here lurks around on youtube much?  How many of you have seen the shennanigans going on at AnswersinBooks youtube channel, some time back he posted a video debunking the claims by an american peddler or water woowoo-ist with a lovely machine.  Said machine is touted as a cure all for any ailments, it works by electrolysing tap water into a nice tastey alkaline drink…..hmmm…..taaaasssty.  Thing is, it’s not really all that good for you to go chugging alkaline fluids, especially as its essentially stuff thats mild versions of draino and bleach…..which completely bollockses up your body chemistry, aside from the being poisinous.  By the way, it’ll feck up your digestive process by neutralising your stomache acid.

But anyway, stroppy woowoo merchant decided that AiB was slandering him, so he started laying out some threats, and then there was the DMCAing and now AiB’s new vids seemed to be getting flagged as soon as he uploads them.  But in true English style AiB isn’t giving in without a fight, although we’d all rather this guy not be a woowooist…..saying that i’m getting an epic stash of popcorn ready just incase I need to go give AiB some ‘moral support’ when we have some AnswersinCourt.

Some extra fun!